SwfStore Example

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To get the most out of this example, put it on two different domains but edit the swf_url: in the javascript to point to the same storage.swf file from both coppies of this page. (You may also want change the url to the swfstore.js file to save bandwidth.)

If you run this page locally, you may see "Error logging to js: Error #2060" or something similar because flashplayer is in a restricted security state. Try uploading it to a web server instead.

Depending on your browser and add-ons, debug messages will either be sent to the console, or appended to the end of the page.

SwfStore is a javascript library for Cross-Domain Flash Cookies. Read more at http://github.com/nfriedly/Javascript-Flash-Cookies and http://nfriedly.com/techblog/2010/07/swf-for-javascript-cross-domain-flash-cookies/

SwfStore was created by Nathan Friedly, and is released under an MIT License